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Customers Say It Best!

At Windy Hill Pets | Kathy's Kattery, we’re proud of the great relationships we’ve formed with our valued customers over the years. We’re excited to share some of their feedback with you and invite you to submit your own testimonial today.

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Just had the most amazing experience in getting my first kitten! When we first reached out, they were quick to help us set up a meet and greet the next day. We were able to play with and meet all his siblings and parents. You can tell these people love and care for their cats like family. We plan on going back to visit soon!

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You will fall in love with Kathy's Kattery.
The facility is clean, organized, and just plain fun to visit and play with the kittens.
Kathy and Ted will openly show you all aspects of the kattery including their kings and queens and upcoming litters.
They are honest and genuine about their animals and show intentional care for each of them.
If you purchase a kitten or cat from Kathy's Kattery you will not be disappointed!

We purchased two kittens from Ted and Kathy and they have been extremely helpful in the transition of owning Maine Coons.
They provided samples of kitten food as well as suggestions for cat trees, cat toys, and anything else we needed!
Maine coon cats are wonderful family pets and we have enjoyed watching our young kiddos fall in love with their new pets.

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The kitten i got at this cattery is insanely well behaved and has the most amazing personality! I’m also beyond impressed with the way we were welcomed into the cattery and how the cats are all treated. Inside it’s very clean and the cats have a lot of freedom. I spent two full hours there and it felt like 20 minutes. The owner of the cattery is extremely well informed about everything the kitties need and they are all healthy as well as socialized. If I ever get another cat it will definitely be from this cattery, so so worth it!!

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I was frustrated looking for cats at shelters so I started looking for local breeders. I came across Kathy's Kattery. When I arrived I was surprised to see such an expansive and beautiful property. You drive up this long drive way, past the ducks and horses, and come to her home and the Cattery. I understand it used to be a horse stable and has been converted to a Cattery. Kathy gave us a tour and we got to see all of the beautiful cats. The place is very clean and well maintained, and she has employees there too. We probably spent over 2 hours with Kathy and her husband looking at and interacting with the kittens she has for sale. You can tell she really cares about her cats. It was just such a wonderful experience. The cat we choose, Willow, is super sweet, wonderful temperament, and absolutely beautiful. If you're looking for a kitten, not from a shelter or cat mill, I would highly, highly recommend Kathy's Kattery!! Brian and Brenda

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This was a life changer for me. Love my Lil Beastie so much. I made several visits to Windy Hill before making my final decision. I was welcomed like family and very impressed with the way the cats are cared for. These babies are loved and interact with people everyday. If you have doubts, Ted and Kathy are always willing to show you around and let you meet all the kitties. Kathy has always reinforced the fact that if I have questions or needs she is only a txt or call away. Very happy with my baby girl!

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Kathy is the REAL DEAL!!! We bought 2 cats from Kathy at Windy Hill Pets. This will be the only place we will ever get another cat from! She offered a full tour of her farm right up front which I don't think you'll get many places. The farm is amazing and her love for all the cats is obvious! Kathy was warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable! I can't speak highly enough of the positive experience from beginning to end. Kathy is a Five Star Breeder!
We bought "Apollo" Lady Diana x Sabastian Maine Coon boy and "Jango" Willow x Aslan Maine Coon boy

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Windy Hill Farm Pets Kathy's Kattery is top notch! We've made the 3 1/2 hour trip 2 times, not just for these babies, but for the amazing knowledge Kathy DeHass has and her willingness to teach and share it. I love learning new stuff. These two melted into my daughters lap as soon as we left the driveway and have stuck to us like velcro. ..LOL As soon as we get home they come running to greet us. Plus I'd been looking for a smoke Maine Coon for 3 1/2 years and now we've got one. Their place is amazing! Thank you Kathy DeHass and Windy Hill Farm Pets for all you do!
"Shadow" Lady Diana X Sabastian female DOB 3-22-22 and "Asher" Whiskers X Aslan male DOB 4-27-22

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Updated pics of our "Finny". He's the BEST, and the sweetest cat we've ever met. He fully snuggles with us, licks & kisses included!
Piper x Felix boy DOB 11-4-21

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I adopted 2 cats now from Windy Hill Farm Pets. I used the courier to have them brought to me. They arrived safely and I could tell the couriers cared for the cats well being. They even specifically remembered bringing my first cat and were happy to see how he has grown. Both cats are honestly amazing. They both healthy and affectionate, you can tell they were raised with love. They are also beautiful! These babies have improved my life so much and bring me endless joy! Thank you so much Windy Hill Farm Pets ( Kathy's Kattery ) for the opportunity to experience the love of these cats.
Truffles black male "Meliodis" and Whiskers x Aslan female "Nezuko" both Maine Coons

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Hi Kathy, I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing meeting you has been in my life. When I came to get my little boy "Angus" I had no idea of what a wonderful place he had been born into. What a wonderful person was taking care of him as well as her staff. You showed me your knowledge and your skill as well as your love of animals. As I walked around your facility and saw your many cats I was impressed to see how you were taking care of the cat Baron and to be able to see his recovery as I watched it online. Angus is just about the cutest thing that God ever gave us. I had to wait until he fell asleep in my lap before I could write this as he was just too much help and wanted to be in my face every time I would sit down to do this. He's growing like a weed, loves to play, loves to bring me socks, loves to shred napkins, loves to steal toys. He's so funny and such a pleasure. Thank you again Kathy. I wish I could've adopted his entire litter. I except that would probably get me in some serious trouble with my husband. I have no doubts that I will be back in adopting another animal in the future. I wish you the best. Love to all your animals and you as well. It was such a pleasure and thank you Kathy
I should add the recipe for the homemade chicken gravy has been a hit with the boys. My vet was impressed and I gave him the recipe. I wish I lived closer and you would never get rid of me. Angus has the sweetest personality, demands lots of attention and is often more help than I need. His favorite pastimes have become hunting socks and bringing them to me as prey. He's my right hand man while making the bed and there isn't anything he does not know about working on the computer. One day he will catch that cursor, he is sure of it.

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Hello Kathy, Kim Novak played the witch in the great old movie Bell, Book and Candle. Her Siamese cat's name was Pyewacket, so I think his name is Pye. He is a joy. Absolutely no adjustment period. He is still exploring and purrs constantly. He is everywhere and into EVERYTHING! Took to his catbox right away, has a healthy appetite and never leaves my side. Sleeps on my head. He "makes cookies" on my arms, but I am breaking him of that. Thank you for staying in touch - I will do the same! Bill P.
Sophie x Sylvester Green collar boy DOB 7-1-2022


We searched high and low for SEVEN months to find an ethical breeder who provides a loving environment for their kittens. So many breeders we came across were secretive and refused to show us around their operations. That's why this cattery is a breath of fresh air. Not only did they show us around their cattery for almost an hour, but Kathy personally bonds with and takes care of every single cat! She is extremely friendly, helpful, and sweet. The kittens are all super well socialized and our kitten had no problem adjusting to our existing cat. The cats are genuinely well cared for, making them affectionate. It's easy to get caught up in this circuit with so much information online. Don't overthink it - Windy Hills Farm is an amazing ethical cattery with amazing kittens and extremely pleasant to work with! We drove 9 hours to get our kitten from here and it was totally worth it (especially because the farm is super beautiful and a treat to visit) - Karina & "Mochi" (Chloe X Houdini)


I had a great experience and I love my MC kitten…Kathy was great…my kitten was flown to Missouri…the whole process went smoothly…she messaged me anytime I had a question and stayed in touch to ask me how my kitten was settling in after she arrived. - Sandra (Maine Coon)


We had the most pleasant experience in working with Windy Hill Farm and getting our female name Abby. We bought a adult female from them and she was very clean, healthy and flea free. Looking forward to getting more Siamese in the future from them! Thanks again, Susan

We picked up our beautiful boy today and we are in love! Kathy's cattery is well maintained and all her cats are well taken of and loved. Kathy and Ted made the process so pleasant and I'm happy we chose them to help us add to our family. 

Polydactyl boy Natalia x Sabastian 



I cannot say how impressed I was dealing with Kathy DeHass. It is obvious that this is a quality breeder and the condition where the cats live are scrupulously clean. The cat I purchased is a delight and benefits from being well socialized and used to dogs, a real bonus. I cannot speak highly enough of this establishment. Bryan  "Joe" -  Piper X Sylvester


"Cleanest facility I've ever seen. Felines taken very good care of. When I picked up my Ms Cling I was given a tour of the facility. My grand daughter and I were very impressed. I give this a 10 out of 5 Star facility. I've told several people about it and hope they take the trip to experience the heart warming feelings we did. First class all the way.    John  (Sophie x Sylvester kitten)


Got my sweet girl from Kathy a few weeks ago. The place was immaculate! Her farm is gorgeous and the animals are all healthy and well-kept. The kittens and cats all seemed happy and healthy as well! Wonderful hospitality from Kathy, she showed my family and I around the farm and was so, so kind! Wonderful experience! Samantha

"Dinah" Snow White x Sabastian MC


Having gotten a horse from Windy Hill I found them very knowledgeable and nice to work with. I fully intend to purchase another horse from them sometime in the future. The cats Kathy raises are beautiful. If one questions their integrity perhaps one should visit and see for themselves. Kathleen


Our beautiful kitten is from Kathy & Ted. We where very impressed with the facility and how clean everything was. Kathy was very sweet to work with and very caring. Snickers has her vet checks, shots and never had any problems. Snickers brings such joy to our house. She is a playful bouncy kitten with lots of energy. We our in love with our beautiful Snickers and would definitely buy from them again. Keep  up the great work Ted & Kathy. Blessings to you all. Mary


Our sweet beautiful kitten is from Windy Hill. She is vet checked and healthy. We toured the facility on a few occasions. It was clean and had nice large indoor/outdoor enclosures. Kathy is an absolute joy who takes pride in her work. Besides the cats, this farm trains and sells high quality horses. I actually learned of this farm because Ted helped an autistic boy learn to train and care for horses. I also saw the horses that he trained at the other farms, and they were definitely impressive.

The recent bad reviews appear to be from people who live on the other side of the country. Besides the fact that they have almost certainly never been to this farm, it appears that many are other breeders who are in competition. My experience personally seeing this farm on multiple occasions does not match with those reviews.  Amy


I'm so happy I went with Kathy and Ted! They are the sweetest people! They asked me if I could come and visit before I purchased and see how they reacted with me and to see which one I preferred. I went there and sat down with the kittens and played with them to see their temperaments. All the cats and kittens are well taken care of and I love that they have more than one breed to chose from. Kathy and Ted are so down to earth, honest, and upfront about everything. I highly recommend going there and spending some time with their animals to see which you like best. I also love that they're on a farm where they're able to be outside enjoying the fresh country air, while still being sheltered and protected from the weather.   Jordan

Bella x Tux  "Briar"


Best pet ever! We bought our Himalayan cat from Kathy and he is the perfect pet for us. Very sweet in nature, clean and adorable. I can't think better than this. Kathy is very nice and helpful. We recommend Windy Hill Pets.   Sumaiya

"Gullu" Stella kitten


Windy Hill Farm Pets is the best place to purchase a cat. My family has 2 cats from them and they are THE BEST cats. They feed them the most premium food while they are kittens to guarantee they will grow strong and beautiful. I follow their snap chat account and Kathy is constantly out with the cats, playing with them and giving them the attention they need. The living standards are adorable and clean. There is no other place to purchase a cat if you are looking for a lovely, loveable, healthy and sweet cat to add to your family. Kathy and Ted are amazing people and treat their kittens better than any other I have seen. I can not recommend Windy Hill Farm Pets enough!   Molly


Quite honestly, I am confused by the negative comments. I have been here on multiple occasions and have witnessed nothing but caring, loving, kind owners and caretakers who do the absolute best for their cats and horses. The place is beautiful, the cats get only the highest quality of food and they even encourage people to come in and help socialize the kittens so that they make great pets for their new owners. I have nothing but the highest regard for Windy Hill Farm, Ted, Kathy and all of the people who work for them. I highly recommend Windy Hill.    Nancy


Windy Hill Farm are upstanding people with the upmost respect and care for all their animals! Everyone that works there are kind and supportive and take the upmost care of all their animals! I've never seen a cleaner farm than theirs!! The stables are cleaned daily, sometimes 2 to 3 times. The animals are healthy and well taken care of. Ted and Kathy are wonderful people. They give tours to special needs kids and it is a wonderful thing for the kids! I would not hesitate to recommend them to customers to purchase an animal from them. Respectful and professional people.  Jenyce


Having gotten a horse from Windy Hill Farm I found then very knowledgeable and nice to work with. I fully intend to purchase another horse from them sometime in the future. The cats Kathy raises are beautiful. If one questions their integrity perhaps one should visit and see for themselves.  Kathleen


Kathy DeHass loves her cats. She has been breeding cats for years. Their welfare and finding them good homes is her top priority. I have wanted one of her kittens for years. At the moment, I cannot get another cat, but someday I will have a "Kathy Cat."  Andrea


The negative reviews on Kathy's Facebook page make no sense if these people have actually been to Windy Hill Farm. It is an unbelievably clean place. The animals are happy and healthy. Every time I see Kathy she is holding and playing with one loves their animals more than Ted and Kathy. Animal welfare is important to me, and I have always felt that any animal would be lucky to live on their farm. I feel so fortunate to have a place like this in our area where we can get quality bred animals from people who  know what they are doing, and who put their animals' and customers' needs first( and I can attest that they do put their customers' needs first with all of the help they have given us over the years with our horses). I can guarantee you will never find better people more willing to help and more willing to do right by their animals and customers.  Devon G.


I drove to Windy Hill from Wisconsin a little over a month ago to purchase my kitten. (April 27, 2022) Kathy and Ted were both very knowledgeable and welcoming. The cattery was very clean and the cats are very well cared for. After losing my first ever MC (from a different breeder) to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, I was both excited and nervous to buy a new MC. So it was a tremendous comfort to have any questions answered and them being so transparent throughout the process. My kitten is very social with a magnificent color pattern. She loves my dogs and myself a great deal. Windy Hill is a great breeder. I will definitely work with them again and will recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a cat. Kendra D Madlon


I met Kathy today and took home 2 new babies! Jasper and Cooper are their new names. I totally recommend this place. the cats are all loved and well taken care of. Amanda Harper


We recently adopted our little Gus from Kathy and Ted at Windy Hill Farm. To say we were happy with the experience is an absolute understatement. The facility, cats, kittens and the DeHasses FAR exceeded any other pet adoption experience we've ever had. The cats and kittens were happy, healthy, and engaged. The kittens temperaments were sweet and playful, and obviously all of them were well socialized. Picking the right kitten for us was only hard because of the number of options. Kathy and Ted were nothing shy of wonderful. They were transparent with their facility, their kittens, cats health concern (if any). At no point did we feel pressured to adopt, and you could tell they wanted us to find the perfect match for us and for the kitten. If you're looking for a beautiful, happy, healthy and affectionate kitten, I would recommend Windy Hill Farm with no hesitation. We're so thankful. Matthew Scotchie


Awesome experience. A loving breeder.

Jodi Danny Riley

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