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Available Kittens - Cats
Important Update! 

As of April 1, 2024, (This is not an April Fool's joke!) I have a BIG demand for my kittens. I am now taking $500 deposits for my upcoming Maine Coon kittens. This will put you on my list. Then you can keep watch for upcoming litters and when you see a kitten or pairing of adults you are interested in let me know.  The deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the kitten. Please READ ALL THE FAQ on my website, I require this before I will take a deposit. I will have approximate prices until the kittens have matured. Colors, size and personalities take time to develop in this breed.  I'm expecting some wonderful kittens! Keep watch on my social media (links on my website) and then text my cell 330-763-0623 Thanks Kathy

"Changing Lives One Kitten at a Time"

Scroll down for adult pairings I have made 


Willow X Alf Maine Coon
DOB 4-2-2024

DOB 4-2-24

Price $4,000.00 to $6,250.00

5 boys and 1 girl

All Reserved. Do you see the oddly eyed Mini Alf? The blue or oddly eyed kittens are on the higher end of the pricing. Deposits are $500. They will be up to date on deworming and vaccines. Breeding rights and CFA registered. Plus Micro - chipped. Follow my TikTok and Instagram for for updated videos of litters. Links on our website.


Elsa x Sabastian Maine Coons
Imported from Russia

DOB May 31, 2024

1 girl and 5 boys

 Elsa did a great job birthing her kittens. 6 kittens


Kimba X Thistle Maine Coon
A Shaded pairing

DOB June 20, 2024    7 kittens

1 shell / Chinchilla  6 shaded

Momma and kittens doing great. A Nice big healthy litter


Siri (Lady Diana x Sabastian) x Kai Maine Coon

DOB June 15, 2024

1 female black smoke female

Siri is gaining weight! I'm so excited she is finally bred. I'm not sure the due date, because she was with Kai for a long time. LOL Time will tell. Siri is over 2 years old now. She didn't breed her first year when I put her with a male. Fingers crossed for healthy kittens.


Sterling x Jade Maine Coon

DOB April 28, 2024

2 boys and 1 girl

Mom and kittens doing great!

Green collar boy reserved - Red collar male available - No collar female Reserved  Thanks


Autumn Rain X Alf
Maine Coon
"R"- reserved  "A"- Available


DOB 5-13-24

5 kittens    3 boys and 2 girls

Mom did a wonderful job! The first kitten was breach and very big, so I had to help her out. Then it was smooth sailing. She is a good Mom.


Sterling (Sabastian x Poppins) X Tatiana Maine Coon
DOB June 29, 2024


This time Tatiana had tiny kittens. We have 2 kittens that survived


Sterling fathered Jade's kittens. ( His first litter)


Tinsel X Kai Maine Coons
3 kittens 2 boys & 1 girl (middle)
DOB June 2, 2024


 The second time for this cross. I kept 2 females from their last mating together. ( Oakley & Demi ) I was busy from 3:30am till 9:30am  helping birth both Tinsel & Tinkerbell (Tinsel's daughter from last year. A first time Mom) Tinsel did well and needed no help this time.


Snickerdoodle x Checkers
DOB June 30, 2024

First time Mom gave birth to one big - breach curly cream male.

Kitten is reserved


Sylvia (Queen x Boone) X Sabastian - Maine Coon

DOB April 21,2024 

4 healthy kittens   3 boys and 1 girl

My daughter Tiffany and I will split this litter. Sylvia lives with their family. This will be her first litter. Mom and kittens doing great.


We love this cross! Curly (Selkirk Rex) Persians. The sweetest-cutest kittens. 

DOB 2-21-24  -  Female Bobtail $1,250. Female gray $1,400. Female dark tabby $1,600. 

This will be Mini Mouses 3rd litter with Felix. They have the cutest and sweetest kittens together. Usually half curly and half straight hair. Keep watch and follow my TikTok and Instagram accounts for videos of new litters and kittens. Text my cell if you see a kitten you are interested in. 330-763-0623 Thanks Kathy


Queen x Sabastian Maine Coon
DOB 4-3-2024      1 kitten

DOB 4-3-2024

Price $4,000. to $5,500.00

 Queens kitten is already RESERVED by Sharon. Queen was unable to go into full labor this time, so we did a C-section on her. While the vet was working on her I said to go ahead and spay her. Queen's body was telling me she was done with having kittens. She will be sold as a pet after we wean her precious one kitten. Keep watch and follow my TikTok and Instagram links for updates and videos. Links on my website. 


We paired Madonna with Aslan Maine Coon CFA registered

We have kittens. 3 Ginger boys                           DOB 3-23-24 

$3,800.00 to $4,300.00

We paired these two last year and Madonna had 8 red kittens. 4 boys and 4 girls. (12-22-23)Fact: 80% of reds are males and only 20% are females. Keep watch on my Tiktok and Instagram links for up coming kittens. Both parents imported from Siberia Russia. We are taking deposits on these kittens.


Chanel (Maine Coon) X Felix (Selkirk Rex) Curly

DOB June 18, 2024

2 females  Both Reserved

Will be Curly Coons


Alexa X Kimba Maine Coons

DOB June 29, 2024

6 kittens



Mom and kittens doing well.




Tinker Bell x Kai    Maine Coon

DOB June 2, 2024

7 born only 4 living

Tinker Bell's first litter. We tested and found out Tinker Bell is a "B" blood type. So we had to take the kittens away when born, and supplement for 24 hours. Then put back on the Mom to nurse. It is called Neonatal Isoerythrolysis, look it up. We have 4 kittens living out of the 7 born. 


Kimba x Karma both Shaded Maine Coons 

DOB June 10, 2024

2 boys

1 shaded and 1 shell or Chinchilla

My first shaded cross with both parents being shaded.


New litters of kittens, that have not been offered for sale yet... I wait till they are a bit older. So keep watch. If you see one you are interested in contact me. Maine Coon kittens priced between $2,500 & $5,000. Curly crosses priced between $1,100 & $2,000. Ragamese, Ragdoll, Himalayan, & Persian crosses priced $850 to $1,500. Selkirk Rex $1,500 to $2,500. All my cats come with breeding rights. CLICK ON EACH PHOTO TO ENLARGE IT AND THEN A CAPTION DESCRIBING THE PHOTO WILL APPEAR. Thanks

Lady Diana X Sabastian kittens DOB 3-22-2022
Lady Diana kittens DOB 3-22-22
Lady Diana X Sabastian 5 kittens
4 kittens DOB 4-1-22
Tatiana X Sabastian kittens DOB 4-1-2022
Tatiana and kittens (Boys are light & girls darker) DOB 4-1-22
Tatiana kittens DOB 4-1-22 Light kittens are boys Dark are girls
Mini Mouse (Persian) x Felix (Selkirk Rex we imported from Russia)
Mini Mouse x Felix kittens DOB 3-26-22 All boys
Mini Mouse x Felix kittens All boys DOB 3-26-22
Mini Mouse X Felix kittens All boys
Skye (Persian) X Felix (Selkirk Rex) kittens born 4-19-22
Skye had 5 kittens DOB 4-19-22
DOB 4-19-22 Skye (Persian) x Felix (Selkirk Rex cross
First Time Parents.jpg
Tesla (Chocolate Scottish Fold) X Felix ( Selkirk Rex)
Tesla 5 kittens born 4-28-22
Tesla X Felix 5 kittens DOB 4-28-22
Tatiana X Sabastian
Tatiana x Sabastian
Tatiana x Sabastian
Tatiana x Sabastian
Tatiana x Sabastian
Tatiana x Sabastian
Tatiana x Sabastian
Tatiana x Sabastian
Tatiana x Sabastian
Persian x Curly cross
Female straight hair
4 curly boys 1 girl straight hair
Curly boy
Curly boy
Cream and white
Straight hair
DOB 4-27-22 Black boys and tortie girls
DOB 4-27-22
Whiskers x Aslan
DOB 4-28 & 4-27
2 litters
DOB 4-27 & 4-28
MC's and Curly crosses
DOB 4-27 & 4-28
2 boys Tesla x Felix kittens
I call him TINY Boy
Girl  DOB 4-28-22
Boys  DOB 4-28-22
Left boy right girl
TINY boy and in Smiley pot Girl
Boy - Girl- Girl
Tiny only 0.9 ozs


I have kept the photos and videos up so you can see what type kittens we have raised. We ship all over the United States. We have great couriers we work with. Enjoy all the cuteness overload free of charge!! LOL


 Tan collar Green Bell - Boy

Price $1,500

Parents Sasha x Felix

DOB 10-16-21

He is super sweet, and smart

Parents pics on adult page

More pics and videos below in gallery

Black Collar Lavender Bell 

Curly Female

Parents Sasha x Felix

DOB 10-16-21

Price $1,500.00

Has a Ragdoll or better temperament, blue eyes, plus curls

More pics below

Parents on Adult page

Teal Collar Lavender Bell


DOB 11-9-21

Parents Mittens X Theo

Price $1,100

SOLD  - Thank you Connie


Light Blue Collar Blue Bell - Boy

Parents Mittens x Theo

DOB 11-9-21

Price $1,100

More pics & videos below

Parents pics on adult page

Persian/Himalayan Boy

DOB 8-26-21

Price $1,250.00

Super sweet and cuddly

Pics of parents below in gallery

Mom Zoe - Persian Dad

Bella X Tux Female kitten
DOB 6-15-21
Playful & friendly
Ready for Furever Home
Price $650
See videos & pics below


    Houdini -  Hippopotamia Taison         Blue eyed White ( W 61 ) 

Male proven breeder

DOB 4-22-2020

Imported from Russia

CFA Registered

Price $3,000.00

Persian/Himalayan Boy

DOB 8-26-21

Price $950

Super Sweet and cuddly

See pics of parents below in gallery

Mom Zoe, Persian Dad

White Collar Teal Bell Girl

DOB 11-9-21

Price $1,100

Parents Mittens x Theo

More pics below of kittens

            Parents pics on the adult page            


Pink Collar Teal Bell Female

DOB 8-17-21

CFA Registered Maine Coon

Parents Yana x Houdini

Price $2,500.00

Super sweet and loving

Green Collar Orange Bell - Curly -  Boy

Parents Piper x Felix

DOB 11-4-21

Price $1,250.00

Scroll down for pics and videos

Parents pics on the adult page

Light Blue Collar Silver Bell - Curly - Boy

Parents Piper x Felix

DOB 11-4-21

Price $1,500.00

Scroll down for more pics and videos

Parents pics on adult page


Red Collar Blue Bell - Boy

Parents Piper x Felix

DOB 11-4-21

Price $1,100

Scroll down for more pics and videos

Parents pics on the adult page

Lavender Collar Yellow Bell - Curly Girl

Parents Piper x Felix

DOB 11-4-21

Price $1,250.00

Scroll down for more pics and videos

Parents pics on adult page

Yellow Collar Green Bell - Curly Boy

Parents Piper x Felix

DOB 11-4-21

Price $1,250.00

Scroll down for more pics and videos

Parents pics on adult page


Yana x Houdini Boy

Maine Coon

DOB 8-17-21

Thanks Ryan, Enjoy your new kitty

Yana X Houdini Boy

Maine Coon

DOB 8-17-21

Thanks Adrian & Jordan for choosing WH for your new kitty

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