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Russian Maine Coons
Russian Maine Coons
Russian Maine Coons
Russian Maine Coons
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I'm blessed to be able to raise unique cats that will soon be loved by their new family. Our cats and kittens are unique and selectively bred to become companions with a wonderful disposition, along with playfulness and looks. We specialize in Russian Maine Coon kittens and Curlys. We also raise one of a kind kittens that can't be found anywhere else. Our mission is to help you find your ideal furry companion and new family member! 

What is Kathy's Kattery? Find out in this short podcast with Kathy DeHass, Owner of Windy Hill Pets Kathy's Kattery. Everything from information about Maine Coons to vaccines and microchipping is in this short podcast. Check them out on social media! (@Windy Hill Pets Kathy's Kattery).

Hear about common problems with cats, find solutions, listen to advice on proper care, and more in this short podcast with Kathy DeHass, owner of Windy Hill Pets Kathy's Kattery. If you missed our first podcast with Kathy, check it out now on our YouTube Channel. Check them out on social media (Windy Hill Farm and Windy Hill Pets) and stay tuned to our social media pages for more updates and podcasts with this cattery.

Kathy DeHass

Our cattery came from humble beginnings and was started in 2017. My goal is to raise friendly, playful, loving, healthy and socialized kittens. Our Curlies and Maine Coon kittens/cats are special.  They are a beautiful breed of cats.  Very majestic, unique, great for families and most importantly good for the heart and soul of a person.  Cats can help heal a broken heart.  They have great healing properties and can bring laughter, companionship, and joy to their new loving families. When you purchase a kitten from me you take a part of me with you. I take great pride and put many hours of time and love into each kitten.

Changing lives one kitten at a time...

Thanks in advance for your trust.

~Kathy DeHass



Our Location

Kathy's Kattery is nestled in scenic Amish Country -- Millersburg, OH!  

Contact us for available Kittens for Sale. 

Make sure you include which kitten you are inquiring about : breed, parents etc...Thanks

TEXT (preferred), E-mail, Call, or Enter your information on our                                , 

and message us directly!  


6214 State Route 83 Millersburg, Ohio  44654

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